Detroit: A Model of Urban Food Resilience

October 13th, 2015|

I had a chance to tour some urban farms and gardens on a business trip to Detroit, and what a treat it was! Detroit’s story is well documented — from the height and heyday as the […]

Permaculture Plant Guilds How-to

September 29th, 2015|

Permaculture plant guilds combines three or more plants to mirror an ecosystem — producing food, building soil health, and providing food for pollinators.

Idea: Straw Bale Garden Bed; Santa Rosa, CA

September 13th, 2015|

Natural Materials With a No-Till Future
One of our primary intentions for the 8th & Bee Homestead blog is to showcase the multitudes of fantastic ideas and models of garden, food forest, water conservation, soil building, etc […]

Tierra: Online Permaculture Symposium

September 12th, 2015|

All of the wonderful “what is happening here in your yard?” conversations we’ve had with neighbors these past months are so much more than that. Each is a blessing, built on years of our own “what’s going […]

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