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Caption: Discover the 5 Words that may transform your Life,
improve Your Impact in the World and Even benefit your sex life by attending the new Rhythm and Flow Desire Map Retreat October 8-12, 2018

Calling in Shamanic Women Leaders and Visionaries!
Move from burnout and uncertainty to DIVINE CLARITY  through cultivating your unique Rhythm and Flow – so you can deepen your Soul’s purpose and show up more fully in your role as a leader.

The most IMPACTFUL CHANGE you can bring to the world comes from being in your joy… Knowing your #CoreDesiredFeelings … so how about you stop waiting for “someday” – and avoid burnout by
ALIGNING YOURSELFso you can show up fully in your role as leader.

You’re probably feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated and/or underpaid.

OVERWHELM: the 21st century conundrum, the information overload, the constant needing to be available, and the lack of slowing down to hear the wisdom within – it’s depleting you FAST.

UNDER-APPRECIATION: nobody tells you you’re doing a good job. No one is investing in your development. Including you. You’re just “busy”, and even if you reach a milestone, there’s no time to celebrate.

UNDERPAID: you forgot to ask for what you’re worth. And so there’s never enough $$$ to fund your real Soul’s Quest. To do the things that call you; like opening an animal sanctuary, getting pesticides out of your community, or starting the non profit or humanity-plus business of your dreams.

What’s even more painful?
Ignoring the signs of being out of alignment until you have a physical, mental or spiritual dis-ease. This would put a stop to you doing what you’re here to do in this lifetime.

Whether you’re already there, or you’ve seen the warning signs…

It’s time to stop tolerating your pain and disconnect, to cultivate the force of positive change you know you’re meant to be!

It’s YOUR time. We NEED you! Join me in #Tikal #Guatemala! *
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Photo taken at: Tikal, Peten, Guatemala

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