2018-07-14 15:27:40

2018-07-14 15:27:40

Caption: So excited to share my Rhythm and Flow Sister Circle mastermind for visionaries and change-makers — Wonder Woman in politics, business, a creative or a light-worker. I’ve been deepening my practice around #DesireMapping and combining it with the shamanic wisdom of our ancestors to get into Rhythm and Flow.
I’m an intuitive shaman and #beekeeper. While blazing my own trail as the first to go to college as a single mom, to becoming the first Latina to serve as Vice Mayor of Petaluma and beyond. I know what it feels like to sail too close the sun without the right tools for the charge (and to play it small and dumb myself down). Working with you before you burn out while reflecting back to you the earthbound supernova that you are, I will help you dust off your shine with self-care, spirit-care and a mid-flight refuel so you can be more Effective, in Flow and Impactful in the good work you do for the world.

Working with luminous body I will teach you how to “weave the green thread” to access Flow, heal your ancestral codes, remove energy blocks that keep you from living in your brilliance. ‣ Rediscover your light, your true nature, your source — the life source that connects us all.
‣ Connect with Like-hearted shamanic women in an intimate circle for guided growth.
‣ Use your preferred feelings to create a new process for making the choices that move you forward in every aspect of your life.
‣ Learn how to use your #CoreDesiredFeelings to drop into Flow states seamlessly by creating your Daily Power Hour
‣ Discover the Weaving the Green Thread Luminous Body Meditation and Ancestral Diet
‣ Access comfort and clarity during painful times.
If your heart is calling for you step into your greatness, let’s chat.
All my Love…

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A former Petaluma Vice Mayor and outspoken advocate of Slow Fashion, Tiffany believes fashion can be both beautiful and ethical, and can bring prosperity to where it’s needed most in the world. Her Himalayan cashmere company, Pashm & Co offers ethical and renewable cashmere at Pashm.co. Tiffany holds a Permaculture Design Certificate taught by the late Toby Hemenway and Daily Acts, an MA from California Institute of Integral Studies with a focus in Integral Ecology, and a BA in Women’s Studies from Mills College. Renée is Past President of the Petaluma Community Guild, and is a beekeeper — studying under Christine Kurtz, Ettamarie Peterson and Serge Labesque. She is a 2007 Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and Economy. She frequently speaks on Local Economy and Regenerative Businesses.