2018-08-05 14:28:40

2018-08-05 14:28:40

Caption: Want to Find your Green Thumb?

There were times for us when most of the food our family ate came from a box, package, or drive thru window — times when we let the day-to-day overrule our health and how we showed up in the world. We were much heavier back then. And I was suffering from debilitating diseases because of it.

If that’s you, but you’ve really been craving solutions to live healthier AND make a difference in the world, read on. The solutions could be closer than you think.

You might just be a garden goddess if you want to…
* Eat healthier
* Save time and money at the supermarket
* Grow your own food
But in the past you have…
* Killed everything you tried to grow
* Didn’t have enough energy to get out in your yard
* Wondered where to start

Our life is full of joy and health and we want to share with you how we do it. We put together this video course and simple-to-follow guide with 18 incredible Regenerative Leaders to help those who feel stuck, sick and unhappy find their JOY.

Our popular #growyourgreensmoothie regenerative gardening course aka #permaculture is available again through Friday. The first 5 to order receive a FREE Garden Consult from me ($250 value)! 🙌🏼🐝💕
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About the Author:

A former Petaluma Vice Mayor and outspoken advocate of Slow Fashion, Tiffany believes fashion can be both beautiful and ethical, and can bring prosperity to where it’s needed most in the world. Her Himalayan cashmere company, Pashm & Co offers ethical and renewable cashmere at Pashm.co. Tiffany holds a Permaculture Design Certificate taught by the late Toby Hemenway and Daily Acts, an MA from California Institute of Integral Studies with a focus in Integral Ecology, and a BA in Women’s Studies from Mills College. Renée is Past President of the Petaluma Community Guild, and is a beekeeper — studying under Christine Kurtz, Ettamarie Peterson and Serge Labesque. She is a 2007 Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and Economy. She frequently speaks on Local Economy and Regenerative Businesses.