Try these bee-friendly natural dye plants

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Stack functions in your garden for beautiful, natural dye plants that provide food for the bees! Watching the transformation of our homestead over the past year really has been a treat. When we first installed the hugelkultur bed and started planting, we were mostly growing food for the kitchen and pantry and some bee forage. [...]

In the News: Petalumans share a plentiful bounty at 8th & Bee Homestead

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Huzzah! Our local paper, the Petaluma Argus Courier, ran a feature article on 8th & Bee Homestead in the Community section of the March 12, 2016 issue. Staff writer Arianna Reguzzoni and Staff Photograher Scott Manchester both spent some time here to find out more about what we have cooking around the homestead. It was so kind of the Argus [...]

The 8th & Bee Urban Food Forest Homestead: A Visual Tour

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Welcome to the 8th & Bee Homestead, our slice of urban food forest homestead-goodness. We rent a single-family home on an approximately 1/8th acre lot in Petaluma, CA. The 1928 Craftsman home was previously owned by George and Mary Reynolds for more than four decades, where they raised a family and were pillars of our [...]