Stacking Functions for a Healthy, Vibrant Garden

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When is an apple tree more than an apple tree or a chicken more than a chicken? Stacking functions in your garden or landscape design is an easy way to save water, grow soil, save time, and grow a lush, diverse garden.  Stacking functions is a core permaculture design principle that anyone who wants a [...]

Idea: Marvelous Elevated Straw Bale Garden Bed Design

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During our Tierra: Online conference in Fall 2015, master gardener and plant guild expert Delia Carroll showcased a truly excellent straw bale garden bed system she’s installed in her yard.      We love its novel, water-saving, food-forest-loving design so much, it’s on our master garden plan wish list for next year’s garden expansion here at 8th [...]

Idea: Straw Bale Garden Bed; Santa Rosa, CA

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Natural Materials With a No-Till Future One of our primary intentions for the 8th & Bee Homestead blog is to showcase the multitudes of fantastic ideas and models of garden, food forest, water conservation, soil building, etc solutions, and more. We'll be visiting homestead and farm sites far and wide, and featuring easy-to-replicate solutions [...]

Tierra: Online Permaculture Symposium

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All of the wonderful "what is happening here in your yard?" conversations we've had with neighbors these past months are so much more than that. Each is a blessing, built on years of our own "what's going on with your yard" moments of delight we've had with friends and mentors. We'd been searching for a while for [...]

8 Easy Steps to Design Your Own Hugelkultur Raised Garden Bed

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What is Hugelkultur? Hugelkultur — sounds like hoo-gull,  loosely translated as “hill culture” from German — is an integrated model for a garden because it works at any scale to create solutions. You can design a hugelkultur raised garden bed equally well into a small backyard space or something more expansive. Benefits The advantage of [...]