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Synchronicities... I searched for imagery on reparations to share with my post and had a full circle moment (below). How are you healing ancestral trauma? ⭕️ Shortly after I started high school I met the principal as I was heading home. He was a very tall, kind black man who shared the same rare family name. I mentioned this to my grandma who immediately pointed out that my ancestors a few generations back could have owned his ancestors. I was floored. Embarrassed. Ashamed. Curious. Ancestry has been a curiosity since I was quite young. Our way back ancestors didn’t get much acknowledgement. Their stories were fairly untold. These seemed like secrets and mysteries worthy of exploration. Much of what I have learned has come through tidbits of data, clues into how we survived. Some required unpleasant digging into family trees to unearth long-buried truths about how my forefathers helped fight for the United States. I have a grandfather several generations back that fought for the Revolution (and took indigenous lands). His later descendant grandson was enlisted and fought for the Confederacy but shortly bolted. As difficult as this was to learn, I was relieved he is our family’s quitter in that atrocity. But that grace was small in comparison to tragic fact that my family owned slaves. As I’ve searched for how to absorb, transmute and heal my ancestry, I realized among the clues of our resilience is the literal blood, sweat and tears of dozens of people that slaved for my ancestors to thrive. Also unknown is whether we have relatives through the rape of black women slaves. I pray this isn’t part of my family history. From what I can tell my tiny bit of African DNA is from my indigenous lineage. With help from my therapist years ago, I came to see the often abusive ways my grandfather and father made us work for the family were generational abusive cycles that required ending. (cont in comments) Repost @worldeconomicforum ・・・ £20 million over 20 years.

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Kundalini yoga is not as well-known as other forms of yoga such as Hatha, nor as old, but there is a growing interest in it because of the interest in it as not just a good workout, but a way of transforming body, mind and spirit. 💫 Yoga has been used as part of traditional Indian medicine for more than 5,000 years. Some Mayans believe the technology was delivered to India from Snake Island (Central American region, including Atlantis). Many Yogic words share similarities in Mayan languages. The Mayans have studied koyopa, their term for Kundalini. 💫 Kundalini in the East has been used for more than 1,200. It was developed in India with a specific goal in mind, to tap into the latent energy within us all. This is known as Kundalini, which means coiled. The energy is pictured as being coiled around the base of the spine. The coil also refers to your restrained potential, which Kundalini yoga can help awaken so you can live your best life. 💫 The question of whether or not it works depends on your definition. In reference to being a great form of physical health, folx would agree it can make you incredibly strong in a short period of time. 💫 The word yoga means union, a union of body, mind and spirit. Ancient wisdom tells us that a healthy mind produces a healthy body, and vice versa. Kundalini is used to heal by balancing the energy centers in the body, including the 7 chakras most known. Chakra means wheel. The poses, movement, meditation and chanting are designed to move the coiled energy up the central channel that connects the chakras to one another. 💫 The sets of poses, or kriyas, have been shown to help with breathing problems, depression, anxiety, and more, enhancing mood, reducing stress, and helping people transform their lives. Some kriyas have been scientifically studied to show improvements in neuroplasticity, cognitive function, and increased flow states. 💫 Kundalini yoga works if you set your intention and then track it for 40 Days. To improve your relationships with loved ones, try a kriya for opening the heart and see how much smoother your live becomes. The one for addiction is life-changing. (Continues in comments) 💫

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Discover your Jaguar Mind — Uplevel WILDFIT® — Get into Flow States for Peak Performance with Cutting Edge Neuroscience, PLUS Meditations for Nervous System Reset, Accessing Intuition and More. (Link in bio) . . . #feedyoursoul #flowforchangemakers #morningritual #getwildfit #foodasmedicine #changemakers #youarelight #rainbowlight #rituals #walkinbeauty #findyourhive #kundalini #koyopa #kundaliniyoga #alchemist #intuition #empath #liveyourmagic #dwellinpossibility #wildfit #jaguarmind #jaguarmedicine

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably been horrified at the world news — if you don’t live under a rock. I know I’ve been leaning on my nervous system reset tools harder lately. What I’ve seen with cycles like these is that we tend to desensitize and shut down when we don’t have good coping skills. This kind of coping generally leads to increased stress from: * either resistance to feelings * not doing the things that help us stay healthy * or really veering off course into self destructive behaviors But it doesn’t have to be like that. There’s been a lot of talk about what we can do for the planet and her inhabitants including going vegan. BUT THAT MIGHT NOT BE THE BEST SOLUTION… The fact is eating fake animal protein substitutes come with a lot of environmental problems of their own, including: * mono-cropping with GMOs, pesticides and herbicides that have detrimental impacts on bees and butterflies * tilling of vast amounts of healthy topsoil which kills countless microbes that sink carbon and reduce climate chaos * trucking, processing, packaging and cold storage of mono crops (which increases carbon emissions and favors big agriculture over small famers) Don’t get me wrong. Eating a plant-based diet is what humans are meant to do. But buying packaged isn’t the solution. Instead, I want to remind you about the WILDFIT® program and how you, too, can transition to a plant-based ancestral diet without all the confusion. I’ve added an ebook, EAT LIKE YOU CARE: Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet for my Rhythm + Flow Hive. Are you ready to go plant-based? I also want to find out what is your Deep Why for considering WILDFIT® and how I can help you transform your curiosity into action? I’m so committed to helping my clients have transformation so they can move past the emotional and environmental triggers that keep them from doing their good work in the world. So, if you’re ready to take the leap and start on Monday, click the bio link. I’ve still got tons of amazing bonuses and support included. And if you’re so close, but something is holding you back, message me and let’s start the conversation. . . . Photo by @luminousfoods

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I’ve just enrolled in Gone? Facing an Uncertain Future Together, a twelve-week virtual learning community, support space, and facilitated framework aimed at engaging our collective awareness, agency, resilience, and responsiveness in the wake of escalating ecocide and climate collapse. For details on how to register and to participate in this program along with me, you can visit @rachael.alaia or rachaelalaia.com/gone

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Focusing on sacral chakra today. I pulled my groin muscle slightly playing wubba with my boy Hugo before dinner last night. I’ve been icing and moving slower, allowing whatever is being release to arise and go. 🙏🏼 for quick return of strength, transformed. 🤸🏻‍♀️ Repost 📷 @blackandindigo . . . #swadhisthana #sacralchakra #sacralchakrahealing

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“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. 💫 We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to Love, to share. This is a precious moment. 💫 It is a little parenthesis in eternity” ~ Paulo Coelho 💫 There is so much beauty in the Universe if we just get past our small self to pierce the veil and see it with our inner eyes. I’m so grateful to be alive in this time. Such Divine Grace surrounds us. Wahe Guru! 🌌 Galaxy SMM J2135-0102 10 Billion Light Years From Earth ——————————————— #neuroscience #consciousness #flowstate #alchemy #servelove #awakeningshakti #spiritualawakening #thirdeye #pinealgland #pinealglandactivation #flowforchangemakers #koyopa #kundalini #kundalinirising #kundaliniyoga #treeoflife #initiation #knowthyself #gnothiseauton #cosmicdance

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Known as the planet of change, Uranus shakes things up in our life, learn how this Retrograde will affect you on @spiritdaughter blog. 💫⁠ ((Excerpt)) On Aug 11th, Uranus begins his annual backward motion. Known as the planet of change, Uranus shocks and awes with his eccentric ways. Traditionally the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus currently is stationed in Taurus, shaking the ground of our financial systems and environmental perspectives. Uranus breaks things up, and amongst the chaos, he brings us new ideas, new behaviors, and new normals. Uranus challenges us to see past the proverbial box and expand our consciousness beyond our conditioned patterns and limiting beliefs. Uranus’s energy can feel jarring to our nervous system as it brings us into the unknown. With Uranus there is no easing into it, this planet’s energy is bold and confrontational. It throws us right into the deep end then expects us to develop a new method of swimming to navigate the waters. August 11th, Uranus takes a turn in direction in our sky traveling from 6° Taurus to 2° Taurus, where it will station direct on January 10th. Although Uranus won’t be moving very far, its backward motion will certainly shake some things up for us. Retrogrades turn the planet’s energy inward and cause us to feel them internally. We must take time to process them and understand their meaning, most often through times of solitude and quiet contemplation. Uranus Retrograde will take the energy of change and internalize it, creating opportunities for growth and new development through explorations of the mind. Sounds great right? The only catch is Uranus Retrograde can feel like sticking our finger in an electrical outlet, wreaking havoc on our nervous system and sending us spinning in circles for the next five months. The key to navigating Uranus Retrograde with grace is knowing where his energy will show up in your world. If we become aware of what he is trying to break up, then we have a good chance of remaining calm as he does his work. If we can ride the waves of change, while keeping our cool, we have an opportunity to make some major shifts in our energy. . #uranusretrograde #uranusintaurus #uranus

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Are you craving a steady daily routine? Feel like you’re slipping in vitality? Forget to put your own oxygen mask on first? Being in the Zone, Flow, what’s that? Cultivate Flow with a Certified WILDFIT® Flow Coach to lead your dream life with radiance. Uplevel WILDFIT® — the Wellness Program made Wildly Successful by Mindvalley — with Flow Leadership Mentoring from Ixchel. Because your Soul’s got plans. Big things ahead. Becoming your best self is what the planet needs from Changemakers like you. . . . Follow 👉🏼 ixchel.love 🌈 . . . #wildfit #wildfitcoach #wildfitwithixchel #getwildfit #mindvalley #mindvalleyquest #vishenlakhiani #ericedmeades #stevenkotler #jamiewheal #neuroscience #neurohacker #flowforchange #flowforchangemakers #flowstate #stealingfire #findyourhive #findyourtribe #rainbowlight