What is Hugelkultur?

Hugelkultur — sounds like hoo-gull,  loosely translated as “hill culture” from German — is an integrated model for a garden because it works at any scale to create solutions. You can design a hugelkultur raised garden bed equally well into a small backyard space or something more expansive.


The advantage of a hugelkultur bed is many-fold. It provides a more three dimensional canvas for growing food, so you’re able to take advantage of both horizontal and vertical space. And, because it’s built on a foundation of logs, twigs, and organic matter (detailed below), it helps retain water and build organic matter back into the soil as the foundation decomposes.

A Note About Water

During the wet months, your hugelkultur bed will trap and retain water. If you’ve shaped it to the slope and contours, it’ll capture, slow, and sink rainwater runoff. During the dry months, we recommend a drip irrigation system on a timer. Less work is more fun.

That’s it! A hugel installation is a fun project for the whole family that will yield a bounty of food for you for years to come.