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Stacking Functions for a Healthy, Vibrant Garden

When is an apple tree more than an apple tree or a chicken more than a chicken? Stacking functions in your garden or landscape design is an easy way to save water, grow soil, save time, and grow a lush, diverse garden.  Stacking functions is a core permaculture design principle that anyone who wants a [...]

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In the News: Edible Ecosystem

The food forest at our local Cavanagh community center is truly an edible ecosystem delight — a fantastic model. Just a few short years ago, the outdoor space surrounding the Cavanagh Center was lawn city. While Tiffany was on Petaluma City Council, she was a big advocate (and continues to be) for using public dollars and public [...]

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Small Batch Tinctures Now at the 8th & Bee Farmstand

Small batch tinctures for immune support and anxiety* are now available through our farmstand The 8th & Bee Farmstand is a-growing. Our honey has been a big hit and we’ve sold out of last year’s harvest early this summer. (Thank you neighbors! More coming in late fall.) Now we have a few handcrafted, small batch [...]

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Try these bee-friendly natural dye plants

Stack functions in your garden for beautiful, natural dye plants that provide food for the bees! Watching the transformation of our homestead over the past year really has been a treat. When we first installed the hugelkultur bed and started planting, we were mostly growing food for the kitchen and pantry and some bee forage. [...]

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Easy Summer Fruit Tree Plant Guilds

Try these plant guilds to grow soil and supercharge your trees' health! Summer is here and so many fruit trees are bursting with Summer sweetness — apples, stone fruits like cherries, peaches, plums, etc, and more (our apple trees are in full swing, as you can see in the photos below). Our grand heirloom apple tree [...]

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What’s the Future of Soil and Compost in the North Bay?

The Petaluma Community Guild hosted a jam-packed public forum at the Petaluma Historic Museum on April 27, 2016 — Compost in the North Bay: A Public Forum & Solution Showcase The event drew a full house of farmers and gardeners to learn about the future of compost and organics diversion in Sonoma County. In addition to the panel of experts, the forum featured an interactive sponsor [...]

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Do it for the Bees: Our 8th & Bee Pollinator Planting Guide

It's easy to add pollinator plants to your yard or garden. Here's a guide to what we're growing this Spring at 8th & Bee.

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Compost in the North Bay: A Public Forum & Solution Showcase

Hey North Bay — got compost? Join the Petaluma Grange and soil leaders from around the region for a soil soiree; April 27 in Downtown Petaluma With the closure of Sonoma Compost in October 2015, farmers and backyard gardeners alike have been left to wonder where they’ll continue to get an adequate supply of compost. [...]

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In the News: Petalumans share a plentiful bounty at 8th & Bee Homestead

Huzzah! Our local paper, the Petaluma Argus Courier, ran a feature article on 8th & Bee Homestead in the Community section of the March 12, 2016 issue. Staff writer Arianna Reguzzoni and Staff Photograher Scott Manchester both spent some time here to find out more about what we have cooking around the homestead. It was so kind of the Argus [...]

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Visit 8th & Bee on the Sonoma-Marin Eco-Friendly Garden Tour

Tour our permaculture pollinator paradise on April 30. Grow food. Build Soil. Start here. 8th & Bee Homestead & Resilience Guild is honored to participate in this year's Eco-Friendly Garden Tour — a free public outreach and education program that promotes sustainable landscaping practices by showcasing inspiring gardens throughout Sonoma and North Marin Counties. The [...]

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