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Tiffany Renee and Jaimey Walking Bear

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Want to Find your Green Thumb?

There were times for us when most of the food our family ate came from a box, package, or drive thru window — times when we let the day-to-day overrule our health and how we showed up in the world. We were much heavier back then. And I was suffering from debilitating diseases because of it.

If that’s you, but you’ve really been craving solutions to live healthier AND make a difference in the world, read on. The solutions could be closer than you think.

Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers,

Grow! Grow!

— The Talmud

You might just be a garden goddess if you want to…

  • Eat healthier
  • Solve climate chaos
  • Grow your own food

But in the past you have…

  • Killed everything you tried to grow
  • Didn’t have enough energy to get out in your yard
  • Wondered where to start

Maybe you own your home and have a blank canvas, front and back. Maybe you’re like us – renters with some leeway to play around with gardening. Maybe you live in a condo or apartment and your space is limited. Our  well-known instructors will help you define your space through some simple permaculture principles.


Tiffany Renee and Jaimey Walking Bear

After living in Nicaragua 5 months, July 2017.



When neighbors started saying “WHAT is going on with your yard?!?” we knew were on to something.

In 2014 we moved into a home with only three mature fruit trees on the land and a lot of rock! In a few short months we transformed it into a thriving food forest and turned our corner lot home into a community hub. Not a day went by without us stopping to chat with neighbors or pluck food from the garden that ends up in our meals.

It’s the most joyful act of resilience we could have ever done, until we moved to Nicaragua in February 2017. And now we are putting down MORE roots here using these principles (follow our journey on Instagram).

Our life is full of joy and health and we want to share with you how we do it. We put together this video course and simple -to -follow guide to help those who feel stuck, sick and unhappy find their JOY.

The Tierra Chicas “Grow Your Green Smoothie” Video Series

Tierra Chicas is a regenerative gardening video course and Facebook group designed to show you how grow food, restore soil health, build community, and be resilient — at any scale — conveniently viewable on your desktop or laptop computer, or favorite mobile device. 

17 in-depth conversations, Over 18 engaging hours

[Tierra Chicas] is like taking a 3 day seminar in the comfort and convenience of your own home. I think my future gardens can’t help but be healthier and more productive with all the new information I have learned. –Cynthia R.

I loved watching and listening to the Tierra Chicas talks. Even though I consider myself eco-literate, I found myself pausing the talks, scribbling notes, rewinding and watching again. — Jacqui M.

Tierra Chicas course features conversations with leading experts in gardening, soil science, urban gardening, and more. In the comfort of your home:

  • Learn practical tips and solutions for creating a lush, fertile food forest of any size
  • Get expert insights into turning your neighborhood into a resilient local food network.
  • Get inspired to change the world, one yard at a time.


Meet the Tierra Chicas Instructors

Session 1

Opening Ripples: Becoming Resilient

Trathen Heckman
Trathen HeckmanExecutive Director, Daily Acts
Trathen’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 2

Get in the Zone: An Ecosystem Blueprint for your Garden

Christopher Shein
Christopher SheinAuthor, The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture
Christopher’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 3

Stacking Functions

Ryan Johnston
Ryan JohnstonProgram Director, Permaculture Skills Center
Ryan’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 4

Ego-System Re-Story-ation: Ecology of Awakening

Kerry Brady
Kerry BradyTeacher and Lecturer, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Regenerative Design Institute
Kerry’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 5

Re-Using Materials in Your Food Forest

Larry Santoyo
Larry SantoyoExecutive Director, Permaculture Academy
Larry’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 6

Critters! — A Backyard Guide

Dana Beckstoffer-Yares
Dana Beckstoffer-YaresCo-Founder, 555Farm / My Urban Farm
Dana’s Session & Bios »»» (popup)

Session 7

No-Till Your Way to Soil Fertility

Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser
Paul and Elizabeth KaiserOwners, Singing Frogs Farms
Paul & Elizabeth’s Session & Bios »»» (popup)

Session 8

From Pattern to Details: Emulating Natural Patterns

Kendall Dunnigan
Kendall DunniganPermaculture Design Program Director, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 9

Intro to Urban Homesteading

Rachel Kaplan
Rachel KaplanAuthor, Urban Homesteading
Rachel’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 10

Lessons in Urban Farming and Leadership

Doria Robinson
Doria RobinsonExecutive Director, Urban Tilth
Doria’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 11

Plant Guilds & Pollinators: An In-depth Guide

Delia Carroll
Delia CarrollCo-Founder, 13Moon CoLab
Delia’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 12

Food Forests on a Budget

Matt and Adriana Powers
Matt and Adriana PowersFounders, Powers Permaculture Family Farm, Permaculture Life School
Matt and Adriana’s Session & Bios »»» (popup)

Session 13

Basins of Relations: Thinking Like a Watershed

Brock Dolman
Brock DolmanCo-Founder, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, WATER Institute
Brock’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 14

Every Drop Counts: Greywater and Catchment Guide

Laura Allen
Laura AllenCo-Founder, Greywater Action, Author, 'The Water-Wise Home'
Laura’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 15

Intro to Biodynamic Growing

Grover Stock
Grover StockSr. Design Consultant, Permaculture Artisans
Grover’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 16

We’re All Indigenous: An Ancestral Wisdom Meditation

Joshua Angelo Silva
Joshua Angelo SilvaGroup Facilitator
Joshua’s Session & Bio »»» (popup)

Session 17

After the Harvest: Preserving and Seed Saving

Sara McCamant
Sara McCamantGarden and Youth Programs Manager, Ceres Project
Sara’s Bio »»» (popup)

Conference Hosts

Tiffany Renée and Jaimey Walking Bear
Tiffany Renée and Jaimey Walking BearConference Hosts
Tiff and Jaimey’s Bios »»» (popup)

Words of Wisdom: Larry Santoyo

“We’re not gardeners…the garden is a metaphor for the playground where we work. What we really are is soil managers.
—Larry Santoyo, Director, EarthFlow Design Works, and Permaculture Legend


A Sample of What You’ll Learn From Tierra Chicas “Grow Your Green Smoothie” Course

  • The small, daily actions that can make for a more resilient you, family, and community (the secret ingredient to a healthful life!)
  • Key secrets of “stacking functions” in your garden to make it more productive, fertile, and efficient
  • Explore why the Earth is actually a verb, and learn to move forward in a more mutually enhancing way with All of Life
  • Creative tips and tricks for repurposing common leftover materials in your home or yard and integrating them into your beautiful garden design
  • Get the scoop on beneficial backyard critters — chickens, rabbits, and more — how to get started and the long term truths of keeping animals
  • How to supercharge your soil health with an easy-to-follow intro to composting and no-till methods
  • Learn the magic technique that will save you water while producing your best yields ever
  • Tour nonprofit orgs and urban farms leading the fight against hunger that will inspire you to jump from the back yard to the community
  • Learn the secrets of “companion planting” and the layers of a food forest group together for your garden’s growth, attracting pollinators, and more
  • Get the secrets of thinking like a watershed when planning your food forest
  • Learn how your shower, washing machine, roof, or a little mulch can save you thousands of gallons of water per year, while feeding your food forest
  • Discover what you can do with your bounty, after the harvest — with easy canning, preserving, and fermenting how-to’s
  • Discover how your ancestors can guide you in your garden

I gathered with 3 neighbors to watch the interview with Singing Frog Farms’ Paul & Elizabeth Kaiser.  That started a whole conversation about our farming methods and we’ve pledged to work 1/2 our field without tilling as a result.  That will represent a lot of greenhouse gas sequestered in the soil! — Joanne L

Who is Tierra Chicas Grow Your Green Smoothie For?

Gardeners of all levels • Aspiring Green Thumbs • Families • School Gardeners • Civic and Service Groups • Civic Leaders and Activists • Church Groups • Urban Farmers • Business Owners • Mothers Groups • Granges • Water Activists • Beekeepers • Permies (Aspiring and Certified) • and many, many more!

SO Many Solutions — At a Fraction of What It’s Worth

Over 20 experts providing their expertise. 18+ hours of inspirational and thought-provoking videos full of ideas for creating your food forest. Access to the Resilience Guild private Facebook group. Access to future Q&A live webinars.

What is this worth to you? Some would pay $1500 for a program like this. We are offering the program to you for $497. And you’ll feel great knowing 50% of your course fee is going to the operation of the Bee Sanctuary and Hive Donation project, an economic development project for women in Matagalpa Nicaragua. Thank you for supporting this important work and our speakers.

Tierra: Online – Pay What You Wish

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What People Are Saying

Brock Dolman is the Robin Williams of earth-friendly ecobiological badassery
Laura Allen is the real deal. She lives, teaches, and practices what she writes about.
Brad Lancaster
Rachel (Kaplan) has my thanks and unconditional praise for what she has accomplished.
Paul Hawken
Trathen Heckman is inspiring thousands that are transforming communities by creating greater resilience and self-sufficiency.
Kerry (Brady) embodies the qualities my favorite teachers have had: humility, transparency, deep wisdom…and an obvious passion and love for the work she does.
Matt Powers has focused his permaculture energy and enthusiasm on a critical audience, the children of the world…His crucial commendable work should be whole-heartedly supported.
Geoff Lawton

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Tierra Chicas Grow Your Green Smoothie Course?

The course is available to view as pre-recorded video conversations on your laptop or desktop computer or mobile device.

What do I get?

  • Unlimited access to the videos
  • Access to the Tierra Chicas Resilience Kit, PDFs deep dives for each session filled with tons of bonus downloads and resources
  • Access to the Zumbido Vida Resilience Guild, a private Facebook group moderated by Tiffany and Jaimey.
  • Exclusive access to future Q&A webinars
  • Secrets to becoming a Garden Goddess

How do I access the videos?

Immediately upon payment, we will set you up with a membership, password, and instructions for unlimited access to all 17 videos. You will receive an email with login instructions and links to the videos and bonus materials.

Is there any Q&A with the speakers?

No. The videos are pre-recorded, vs. a live webinar environment. However, you will be included in the Zumbido Vida Resilience Guild, a private Facebook group where attendees can network, ask questions from our advisors, share ideas, and participate in future Q&A webinars which will be live events with a question and answer opportunity.

What is your cancellation / refund policy?

All sales of Tierra Chicas products are final and non-refundable.

Tierra: Online – Pay What You Wish

$ 497
Personal Info

Create an account (optional)
Credit Card Info
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Donation Total: $497