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Are you feeling
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Calling in Shamanic Women Leaders, Lightworkers and Visionaries!

Are you Feeling Overwhelmed, Under-appreciated and Underpaid?

Did You Know 5 Words could Light up your Life, Deepen Your Impact in the World, and Increase your Wealth?

Discover Your 5 Words to Get Into Rhythm and Flow
in the new 180 Day Sister Hive

Beginning November 2018

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Move from burnout and uncertainty to DIVINE CLARITY  through cultivating your unique Rhythm and Flow – so you can deepen your Soul’s purpose and show up more fully in your role as a woman leader.

The most IMPACTFUL CHANGE you can bring to the world comes from being in your joy… Knowing your Core Desired Feelings

… so how about you stop waiting for “someday” – and avoid burnout by ALIGNING YOURSELF so you can show up fully in your role as leader.

Likely, if you’ve found your way to me you haven’t felt joy in a long time.


You’re likely feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated and/or underpaid. Who isn’t? But how many are actually taking action to change their circumstances?

OVERWHELM: the 21st century conundrum, the information overload, the constant needing to be available. Forget feeling like you’re in the Flow, and with that the lack of slowing down to hear your wisdom within — it’s depleting you FAST.

UNDER-APPRECIATION: nobody tells you you’re doing a good job. No one is investing in your development. Including you. You’re just “busy”, and even if you reach a milestone, there’s no time to celebrate.

UNDERPAID: you forgot to ask for what you’re worth. And so there’s never enough $$$ to fund your real Soul’s Quest. To do the things that call you; like opening an animal shelter, getting pesticides out of your community, taking a sabbatical to volunteer in a foreign land, or starting the non profit or humanity-plus business of your dreams.

What’s even more painful?

Ignoring the signs of being out of alignment until you have a physical, mental or spiritual dis-ease. This would put a stop to you doing what you’re here to do in this lifetime.

Whether you’re already there, or you’ve seen the warning signs…

It’s time to stop tolerating your pain and disconnect, to cultivate the force of positive change you know you’re meant to be! It’s YOUR time. We NEED you!

Get clear on what you most want out of life. Create a plan. Take massive action to let it happen.

Sister Hive Renewal Rituals teaches you a new way for discovering (or reconnecting with) what you want most out of your life. Based on the best-selling book The Desire Map, we get straight to the heart of the matter: How do you want to feel?

You’ll get clear on the root of your desire and create a map of how you desire to feel in twelve areas of your life (the Life Wheel). From that place of clarity, you’ll be guided to discover and declare your core desired feelings, all while being supported in a sacred, loving environment of other soul-seekers.

You will walk away being able to use these Core Desired Feelings to guide your life decisions in unexpected new ways — creating “goals with soul” in your career, your body, your creativity, your relationships, and your spirit.

Something magical happens when you focus on creating your core desired feelings. During the Sister Hive, you can expect to be able to:

Mayan number 1 Rediscover your Rainbow Luminous Body, your true nature, your source — the life source that connects us all. You are born from starlight. Dance to re-member you that you are made of stardust and Love, filled with the ecstatic honey elixir of Cosmic Light. I will provide powerful tools for connecting to your Soul’s Purpose.

Mayan number 2Connect Weekly on our Live Hive Dive Coaching Q&A with like-hearted shamanic women in an intimate circle for guided growth. I will provide guidance to your questions so you never feel stuck (unless it’s your time to dive deep into your fertile void), making weekly progress on your Desired Goals.

Mayan numbers 3Use your Core Desired Feelings to make choices that move you forward in every aspect of your life — feeling more present and alive. We will build your monthly calendar to focus on your Desired Goals, while removing the distractions that overwhelm you (your Stop Doing List).

Mayan number 4Learn how to drop into Flow states seamlessly by creating your custom Daily Power Hour with an Essential Flow Go-Bag. These are methods used by Navy Seals, corporate CEOs and Gold Medalists, taught to me by Jamie Wheal and Stephen Kotler from Flow Genome Project.

Mayan number 5Discover the Weaving the Green Thread Luminous Body Meditation and Ancestral Diet to supercharge your mitochondria and realign your ancestral code. When you show up more present in your life, you will attract more of the health and wealth you are seeking. The thread of thriving lives within you, passed down from your well ancestors. That’s how you exist today.

Mayan number 6Access the safety and clarity of Sisterhood during the Earth’s time of transitioning. Life isn’t always as pretty as it seems on Instagram. Your Sister Hive will have your back and provide the safety to explore your challenges and help you shift your mindset and heartset.

Mayan number 7Celebrate the positive assets of your life, while becoming aware of the stuck parts that hold you back.

What you celebrate expands.

— Danielle LaPorte

The Buzz About Ixchel’s Retreats and Masterminds

Merel Kriegsman - Conversion Copywriter
Merel Kriegsman - Conversion CopywriterIxchel will offer you the sacred space, wisdom and tangible rituals to guide you to divine clarity.
“Ixchel is an intuitive Shaman who bridges the world of high level politics and business and the spirit realm: where we come from, and where we need to tap into in order to be the most POWERFUL LEADERS we can be as women.

If you’re ready to take a step back and look at what your DIVINE PURPOSE is (and what distracts you, and what you need to let go of, and what you need to claim)…

and leave behind unsustainable patterns, and other stuff you subconsciously do to sabotage yourself and lessen the impact you make….

as well as healing the trauma and fatigue that comes from being a women leader and trailblazer in a world that moves slowly (too slowly some times)…

Ixchel will offer you the sacred space, wisdom and tangible rituals to guide you to divine clarity – so you can go out into the world, making your biggest impact no longer jaded and disappointed, but filled with renewed energy and JOY.

You owe it to yourself.”

When you’re planning your yearly goals,
holiday plans, building your career,

you’ll have your core desired feelings in mind.

When you’re choosing whom to invite, how to react, what to give,

you’ll have your core desired feelings in mind.

When you’re in pain, when you want things to be different,
when choosing how to act,

you’ll have your core desired feelings in mind.

When you go to sleep at night and when you wake up in the morning,

you’ll have your core desired feelings in mind.


Rhythm and Flow 5-Day Retreat — Tikal, Guatemala

We will start off our Rhythm and Flow Retreat in Guatemala with a late dinner of plant-based rainbow foods, followed by Ecstatic Dance with a Fire Ceremony under the New Moon.  

The days begin with an optional Yoga session overlooking the lake + plant-based rainbow food breakfast

The Desire Map: Discover Your Core Desired Feelings

How do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning? When you get in the car? When you open the door at work? When you drop your kids off at school or take your dog for a walk? How do you want to feel when you walk into a room? Meet someone new? Have a creative breakthrough?


This question posed by Danielle LaPorte in the best seller The Desire Map takes you to the heart of Desire Mapping and turns traditional goal setting inside out. Instead of talking about external goals, we talk about how we want to feel in the various parts of your life. Because when you get clear on how you want to feel, the pursuit of goals itself will become more satisfying.

The Desire Map: a Guide to Creating Goals with Soul

The way we set goals is the way we live our lives. Your goals are your plans. They’re your vision for your future (and probably, your family’s future, too). Did you choose that vision on purpose? With clarity and confidence?

Are your goals based on your heart’s true desires, or what society tells you that you should want? Are your goals driven by your core desired feelings, or by the expectations your friends or family have of you?

Day Two of the intensive we will be putting your newly born Core Desired Feelings into action. When you get clear on the way you most want to feel and you make life choices based on those core desired feelings, well… I can speak from experience and say that EVERYTHING changes.

Create your Power Hour with an Essential Flow Toolkit

Take the Divine Clarity you have gained and put it into a daily practice that supports you from the inside out as a Shamanic Leader. These daily integral practices to develop your Rhythm and Flow, include a practice I call Weaving the Green Thread.

Life gets brighter, clearer, more fulfilling. Life feels better!

Culminating the retreat, a visit to the spiritual power center of Maya culture, the ancient astronomical pyramids at Tikal.

The day begins with Shopping in Flores to discover Mayan Textiles and Hand-carved wood and Jade

Transfer from Flores to one of the most important archaeological sites of the Mayan World, Tikal, its name means “Place of Voices”, built during the Maya Classic Period.

You will experience a Mayan Ceremony. The group will get an explanation about each other’s Nawal , according to the Mayan Calendar with a Shaman, they will read your Mayan Horoscope. All participants should bring gratitude intentions with desire to find balance in their lives.

After your Energy Clearing session with the Shaman, we will start the Sunset tour. Our guide will show you other temples of the park and you will see the sunset from Temple IV, prepare for a magnificent experience in the jungle.

The Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel

Located in the Heart of the Mayan World, very close to the magnificent Tikal, Uaxactún and Yaxhá ruins, Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel invites you to experience the jungle at its best. Ranked #1 on Trip Advisor for Flores, Guatemala.

“One of the world’s best hotels, according to the experts.”

– cnn.com

Your Retreat includes a Waterfront Suite overlooking the peaceful Quexil Lagoon, a stunning experience of luxury in nature. 

Cherish the majestic views of sunrise and sunset from your deck over the water. Connected by high rise paths, these suites were built to offer privacy and comfort in a one bedroom bungalow.

The deck overlooking the lagoon and the Monkey Island is perfect to enjoy the Jacuzzi while admiring the breathtaking sunrise or sunset in the middle of the tropical rainforest with the sounds of nature cherishing your visit.

Las Laguas, Tikal


When is the 5-Day Tikal Retreat?2018-10-17T14:32:12+00:00

Once the Sister Hive forms we will set the date as a group, it will be during the new moon towards the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019.

What is a Shaman? Am I a Shamanic Leader?2018-10-17T14:40:38+00:00

A shaman is a person that accesses spiritual dimensions for healing, illumination and service to their clients. It is compatible with the majority of world religions as it is a traditional medicine wisdom practiced all over the world. Shamans connect with spirit guides, animal guides, Universal Source and other modalities like plant medicine and plant-based ketogenic eating (an ancestral diet) to help their clients realign with their soul’s purpose, heal past traumas, repair their DNA and mitochondria, and deepen their relationship with the world.

A Shamanic Leader is someone that may or may not be trained in shamanism, but has a different perspective on life that includes access to the spiritual dimensions and showing up in the world from a heart-centered perspective. They are led by a calling and lead by that calling that there is something greater than themselves in their service to the world. Living on a transitioning planet in social and climate chaos, shamanic leaders are being called to assist as Healers, Warriors, Teachers and Visionaries in all facets of life. Getting connected to your soul’s purpose and putting that purpose into daily practice that supports your work is essential for soul-aligned leadership in these times.

Ixchel is an apprentice of Peruvian shaman and world-renowned curandero (healer), teacher, and author don Oscar Miro-Quesada, who has emerged as one of the leading lights in pioneering the Pachacuti Mesa Tradition, a modern, yet ancient, path of Universal Shamanism. He’s a respected kamasqa curandero and altomisayoq adept from Peru, as well as co-author of Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life. He’s also Fellow in Ethnopsychology with the Organization of American States and a United Nations Invited Observer to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

What is the Sister Hive Structure?2018-10-17T14:30:56+00:00

In our initial 1:1 session we will identify the key areas of growth for you based on your limiting blocks.

We will meet online as a group in weekly 90 minute sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to check-in on your process. In addition to the Calls, your bonuses include the Retreat in Tikal and a couple of intensive workshops during the 180 days to do deeper dives as a group.

All Sessions will be recorded, so if you’re traveling and unable to make a session you’ll be able to review the recording.

In addition to the weekly Zoom video calls, we will also have a private Facebook group to create a network of support and sharing in between sessions. In the private group you will encouraged to network and support each in promotions and highlighting each other in your lives. This is a Sisterhood Rising group that is loud and proud of the work we are doing in the world. So we encourage networking with each other for your podcasts, your guest blogs, being a guinea pig for building your case studies, even beta-testing your next big thing.

Do You Offer Refunds?2018-10-17T14:45:53+00:00

Because of the limited spots available, please be sure you’re ready for this experience. Refunds are not an option. You will be challenged to move through the blocks and gaps in your life. For that reason, you may come up with excuses for quitting, or even beginning. No refunds means you’ll be committing to your investment in yourself with skin in your game. If you have a life circumstance that takes you out of the game, you may request to delay your Hive Dives until a future Hive has formed.


Any other burning questions not answered, click here to schedule your free discovery session. xoxo

Hurry! Application Deadline is closing. Reserve your spot today!

180 Day Sister Hive Renewal Rituals

Congratulations! You haven’t run away screaming. You’re probably almost as excited by the idea of joining a Sister Hive Mastermind as I am in helping you find Divine Clarity. You’re ready to invest in YOU and transform your life. What’s next?

Due to the limited capacity, all interested Sisters are asked to fill out a short questionnaire. We’ll follow that up with a video chat to make sure the Hive is a good fit for you.

If you’ve been looking for a Mastermind of interesting, amazing and fierce women leaders, this is the Sister Hive for you! Click the button below to answer a few questions and set up a discovery chat.

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Ixchel’s Work Brings a Coalescence of Thought Leaders

The Buzz About Ixchel’s Retreats and Masterminds

Dr Johanna Mendez, Health and Happiness Coach, WildFit Certified
Dr Johanna Mendez, Health and Happiness Coach, WildFit CertifiedThere's no occasion for which she doesn't have a valuable tool or approach.
Ixchel is a very un-usual person. As a coach, she’s extremely knowledgeable, while still relatable and real. She’s politically and socially aware, without overlooking each individual and what they most need and desire. She listens, cares and helps grow. As a collaborator, Ixchel is very technically proficient, yet profoundly human and warm. There’s no occasion for which she doesn’t have a valuable tool or approach. Her generosity is awe inspiring. She’s open about her personal journey and how she overcame specific challenges. She truly is a modern medicine woman and collaborating with her has been a wonderful experience.

Debbie, Community OrganizerBravo. I’ve learned so much!
“This Mastermind gave me focus on expanding my thoughts on how to follow a practice outside of my normal routine and habits. I’ve learned how to eat with more intention with knowledge of how certain foods affect metabolism of stored fat. In place is a daily practice of breathing exercises, my key to reduce stress, good, average and bad.”

About Ixchel Tiffany Renée

Ixchel (ee-shell), author of Buzzing Blooms for Bees, knows what it feels like to sail too close the sun without the right tools for the charge. Working with you before you burn out while reflecting back to you the earthbound supernova that you are, Ixchel will help you dust off your shine with self-care, spirit-care and a mid-flight refuel so you can be more effective, heart-centered and impactful as you make history, to show up brighter and more brilliant than ever.

Ixchel welcomes Women change-makers (whether you are a Wonder Woman in politics, business, a creative or a lightworker).

Ixchel Tiffany Renée is an intuitive shaman, native beekeeper and regenerative entrepreneur. While blazing her own trail as the first to go to college as a single mom, to becoming the first Latina to serve as Vice Mayor of Petaluma and beyond, Ixchel has mentored women to run for office, start their first business and learn strategies to champion their causes.

You are the leader of your journey, you walk your own path in beauty. It all begins with how you want to feel.

Ixchel Has Been Seen In

The Sister Hive Only Opens Twice a Year. Reserve your spot for 2018 Fall/Winter Circle today!

Due to the limited capacity, all interested Sisters are asked to fill out a short questionnaire. We’ll follow that up with a video chat to make sure the Hive is a good fit for you.

If you’ve been looking for a Mastermind of interesting, amazing and fierce women leaders, this Sister Hive is for you! Click the button below to answer a few questions and set up a discovery chat.

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