If you have a SWARM, please call me, Tiffany Renée, at 707-235-8762 immediately. Swarm calls are free of charge. Save the bees!

Sonoma County Beekeeping Services

Sonoma County Beekeeping Services

Tiffany and Jaimey checking out the bee hives at 8th & Bee Homestead

Have you been interested in keeping bees, but don’t have the time? Have your own hives but need an extra hand taking care of them? Planning an extended vacation and concerned about leaving your bees?

Our 8th & Bee-keeping services are just what the apiarist ordered. Hire us for any of your beeking needs, including:

Hive Set Up and Maintenance

Hive installations generally available Feb-May

The perfect solution if you want to help the bee population by keeping hives of your own, but don’t think you have the time for the ongoing maintenance. Limited slots available. Get on the waiting list for 2017.

Complete turnkey include:

Sonoma County 8th & Beekeeping Services

Two hive setups using John McGinnis Serge Style hives.

Hive Installation

We do complete site assessment to determine the best location for your hives and install them onsite. We will source local Sonoma County bees, captured during swarm season as the best-adapted solution for your hives. This also protects adapted bee genetics in the area.

You’ll be responsible for purchasing the hive kit. We recommend John McGinnis for affordable, locally crafted, Serg Lebasque-style Langstroth hive supplies. His complete kits with wired frames run about $220 (mediums) to $250 (deeps) each complete hive setup. Give him a call at 707-478-9787.


$150 per hive set up, including a swarm catch or hive split (dependent on availability).


We’ll schedule regular visits to monitor your hives’ health, add hive boxes (at your expense) as your colonies grow, and prepare them for Winter in the Fall.


$75/ first hour, $25 each additional ½ hour.

Honey HarvestingHoney Harvesting

We’ll work with you to reserve enough honey frames to feed your bees over Winter and can either teach you how to harvest the remaining honey from the extra frames or do it for you in trade for honey or a fee.

Extra Hive Hands

Have more hives than time on your farm or acreage? We’re available to provide an extra set of hands for hive inspections, winterizing, honey extractions, and more.


$75/ first hour, $25 each additional ½ hour.

Hive-Sitting Services

Headed out of town for an extended vacation or holiday? Hire us to look in on your hives while you are away.


$75/ first hour, $25 each additional ½ hour.