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Ixchel Rainbow Living Mayan Bee Sanctuary
Spirit Comadrona: Guiding Changemakers, Lightworkers, World Leaders through Sacred Plant Medicine Integration2018-11-27T09:29:50+00:00
sacred plant medicine integration
sacred plant medicine integration
visionary plant medicine integration
Brene Brown

Get support for visionary plant medicine integration with an experienced spiritual life coach. Integrate the wisdom of sacred plants in a safe space. Are you being called to integrate with sacred plant medicine?

My Calling from Pachamama

What is your birth story? How do you perceive your life story and how does it hold you back from shining your unique life and setting you on your soul’s journey? We are living in a time of great transpersonal evolution at the moment that the planet is carrying the largest human capacity of all time. Human evolution has brought miraculous innovation, and deadly repercussions for all of life on the planet.

To assist in healing and thriving in a transitioning world we must look to processes for evolution that can create enormous shifts. We can’t change the future using broken thinking. But the tools are available to us, people just forgot about them. They live with our indigenous cultures throughout the globe. And those healers have seen that they can mitigate the broken hearts and minds through transformative sacred plant practices.

Walk in Beauty with Birth and Death as Your Friend

As someone that has had access to realms unseen by most as long as I can remember, having experienced death, lived with death in the womb, I struggled all my life to act normal and close my inner eye to the visions. It didn’t work. What we resist persists. What we fear grows.

I was fortunate to experience initiation into visionary medicine at the age of 13. I come to plant and visionary medicine with the deep reverence that it deserves, having been healed of traumas and depression from shifting my life towards a more ancient, ancestral way of living. I am grateful to so many teachers for this wisdom. And despite trying to run from my calling, I am turning towards it now so that I can help others learn and grow from their experiences, and approach this medicine with the respect and preparation that it requires.

And so I am here to guide you to your north star, through your birth, rebirth to become the shining one that you are, the stuff of stars born from center of the universe, expressing itself through you in this moment. Will you listen to your call?

What is a Spirit Comadrona?

A comadrona in Mayan culture is a shamanic birth coach similar to a midwife or doula. As a spirit comadrona, I work with people looking to undergo a sacred plant medicine journey or to integrate a previous journey. Together we will explore the various types of plant medicine, the places where your luminous body needs assistance, helping you decide if plant medicine is right for you and if so, which one.

Then I help you prepare for taking your journey, and if desired, attending to you on your journey as a birth coach does at a qualified and reputable retreat center, and helping you integrate back into the world following the advice of your shaman guide.

What You Celebrate Expands

Lastly, I can also help you integrate within your community through a unique celebration of who you are becoming, introducing the Light shining through you through a ceremony and dance fiesta with your friends and family. Sometimes the people around can be uncomfortable with our growth. It’s time that changed.

The entire journey from initiation to integration can take anywhere from 3 months to a year or more. It’s your safe, sacred space to process your journey. Let’s explore if this is part of your calling. Book a free session below…

For the interweb spiders here are some types of sacred medicinal plants and psychedelic compounds that you may be considering:

Ayahuasca, Cannabis, Psilocybin mushrooms, Peyote, LSD, MDMA, Brugmansia, San Pedro Cactus, Iboga, and Bufo (toad).

The Sister Hive Only Opens Twice a Year. Reserve your spot for Spring 2019 Circle today or book a free Life Wheel Assessment and Discovery Call.

Due to the limited capacity, all interested Sisters are asked to fill out a short questionnaire. We’ll follow that up with a video chat to make sure the Hive is a good fit for you.

If you’ve been looking for a Mastermind of interesting, amazing and fierce women leaders, this Sister Hive is for you! Click the button below to answer a few questions and set up a discovery chat.

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The Buzz About Ixchel’s Retreats and Masterminds

Merel Kriegsman - Conversion Copywriter
Merel Kriegsman - Conversion CopywriterIxchel will offer you the sacred space, wisdom and tangible rituals to guide you to divine clarity.
“Ixchel is an intuitive Shaman who bridges the world of high level politics and business and the spirit realm: where we come from, and where we need to tap into in order to be the most POWERFUL LEADERS we can be as women.

If you’re ready to take a step back and look at what your DIVINE PURPOSE is (and what distracts you, and what you need to let go of, and what you need to claim)…

and leave behind unsustainable patterns, and other stuff you subconsciously do to sabotage yourself and lessen the impact you make….

as well as healing the trauma and fatigue that comes from being a women leader and trailblazer in a world that moves slowly (too slowly some times)…

Ixchel will offer you the sacred space, wisdom and tangible rituals to guide you to divine clarity – so you can go out into the world, making your biggest impact no longer jaded and disappointed, but filled with renewed energy and JOY.

You owe it to yourself.”

Dr Johanna Mendez, Health and Happiness Coach, WildFit Certified
Dr Johanna Mendez, Health and Happiness Coach, WildFit CertifiedThere's no occasion for which she doesn't have a valuable tool or approach.
Ixchel is a very un-usual person. As a coach, she’s extremely knowledgeable, while still relatable and real. She’s politically and socially aware, without overlooking each individual and what they most need and desire. She listens, cares and helps grow. As a collaborator, Ixchel is very technically proficient, yet profoundly human and warm. There’s no occasion for which she doesn’t have a valuable tool or approach. Her generosity is awe inspiring. She’s open about her personal journey and how she overcame specific challenges. She truly is a modern medicine woman and collaborating with her has been a wonderful experience.

Debbie, Community OrganizerBravo. I’ve learned so much!
“This Mastermind gave me focus on expanding my thoughts on how to follow a practice outside of my normal routine and habits. I’ve learned how to eat with more intention with knowledge of how certain foods affect metabolism of stored fat. In place is a daily practice of breathing exercises, my key to reduce stress, good, average and bad.”


When is the 5-Day Tikal Retreat?2018-11-26T09:32:52+00:00

Once the Sister Hive forms we will set the date as a group, it will be during the new moon in the beginning of 2019.

What is a Shaman? Am I a Shamanic Leader?2019-01-05T15:41:53+00:00

A shaman is a person that accesses spiritual dimensions for healing, illumination and service to their clients. It is compatible with the majority of world religions as it is a traditional medicine wisdom practiced all over the world. Shamans connect with spirit guides, animal guides, Universal Source and other modalities like plant medicine and plant-based ketogenic eating (an ancestral diet) to help their clients realign with their soul’s purpose, heal past traumas, repair their DNA and mitochondria, and deepen their relationship with the world.

A Shamanic Leader is someone that may or may not be trained in shamanism, but has a different perspective on life that includes access to the spiritual dimensions and showing up in the world from a heart-centered perspective. They are led by a calling and lead by that calling that there is something greater than themselves in their service to the world. Living on a transitioning planet in social and climate chaos, shamanic leaders are being called to assist as Healers, Warriors, Teachers and Visionaries in all facets of life. Getting connected to your soul’s purpose and putting that purpose into daily practice that supports your work is essential for soul-aligned leadership in these times.

Ixchel is an apprentice of Peruvian shaman and world-renowned curandero (healer), teacher, and author don Oscar Miro-Quesada, who has emerged as one of the leading lights in pioneering the Pachacuti Mesa Tradition, a modern, yet ancient, path of Universal Shamanism. He’s a respected kamasqa curandero and altomisayoq adept from Peru, as well as co-author of Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life. He’s also Fellow in Ethnopsychology with the Organization of American States and a United Nations Invited Observer to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

What is the Sister Hive Structure?2018-10-17T14:30:56+00:00

In our initial 1:1 session we will identify the key areas of growth for you based on your limiting blocks.

We will meet online as a group in weekly 90 minute sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to check-in on your process. In addition to the Calls, your bonuses include the Retreat in Tikal and a couple of intensive workshops during the 180 days to do deeper dives as a group.

All Sessions will be recorded, so if you’re traveling and unable to make a session you’ll be able to review the recording.

In addition to the weekly Zoom video calls, we will also have a private Facebook group to create a network of support and sharing in between sessions. In the private group you will encouraged to network and support each in promotions and highlighting each other in your lives. This is a Sisterhood Rising group that is loud and proud of the work we are doing in the world. So we encourage networking with each other for your podcasts, your guest blogs, being a guinea pig for building your case studies, even beta-testing your next big thing.

Do You Offer Refunds?2018-10-17T14:45:53+00:00

Because of the limited spots available, please be sure you’re ready for this experience. Refunds are not an option. You will be challenged to move through the blocks and gaps in your life. For that reason, you may come up with excuses for quitting, or even beginning. No refunds means you’ll be committing to your investment in yourself with skin in your game. If you have a life circumstance that takes you out of the game, you may request to delay your Hive Dives until a future Hive has formed.


Any other burning questions not answered, click here to schedule your free discovery session. xoxo

Ixchel’s Work Brings a Coalescence of Thought Leaders

Ixchel Has Been Seen In

About Ixchel Tiffany Renée

Ixchel (ee-shell), author of Buzzing Blooms for Bees, knows what it feels like to sail too close the sun without the right tools for the charge. Working with you before you burn out while reflecting back to you the earthbound supernova that you are, Ixchel will help you dust off your shine with self-care, spirit-care and a mid-flight refuel so you can be more effective, heart-centered and impactful as you make history, to show up brighter and more brilliant than ever.

Ixchel welcomes Women change-makers (whether you are a Wonder Woman in politics, business, a creative or a lightworker).

Ixchel Tiffany Renée is an intuitive shaman, native beekeeper and regenerative entrepreneur. While blazing her own trail as the first to go to college as a single mom, to becoming the first Latina to serve as Vice Mayor of Petaluma and beyond, Ixchel has mentored women to run for office, start their first business and learn strategies to champion their causes.

You are the leader of your journey, you walk your own path in beauty. It all begins with how you want to feel.

The Sister Hive Only Opens Twice a Year. Reserve your spot for Spring 2019 Circle today or book a free Life Wheel Assessment and Discovery Call.

Due to the limited capacity, all interested Sisters are asked to fill out a short questionnaire. We’ll follow that up with a video chat to make sure the Hive is a good fit for you.

If you’ve been looking for a Mastermind of interesting, amazing and fierce women leaders, this Sister Hive is for you! Click the button below to answer a few questions and set up a discovery chat.

Let’s Chat