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Are you ready for Flu Season? This tincture has always gotten us through, so we began extracting it ourselves in small batches last year, from our own elderberries and propolis. "Bee Well” is made with love from biologic Elderberries, Elder Flowers, and Propolis. For immune support.* #urbanfarming #tinctures #elderberry #propolis #bees #immuneboost #immunesupport #apothecary https://8thnbee.com/product/small-batch-elderberry-propolis-tincture/

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Our Small Batch Elderberry Propolis Tincture, “Bee Well” is made with love with biologic Elderberries, Elder Flowers, and Propolis, extracted in locally distilled vodka from Hanson of Sonoma® small batch organic vodka. #glutenfree #nongmo For immune support. https://8thnbee.com/product/small-batch-elderberry-propolis-tincture/ #elderberry #propolis #apothecary #permaculture #bees #immuneboost

Small Batch Tinctures Now at the 8th & Bee Farmstand

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Small batch tinctures for immune support and anxiety* are now available through our farmstand The 8th & Bee Farmstand is a-growing. Our honey has been a big hit and we’ve sold out of last year’s harvest early this summer. (Thank you neighbors! More coming in late fall.) Now we have a few handcrafted, small batch [...]

Try these bee-friendly natural dye plants

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Stack functions in your garden for beautiful, natural dye plants that provide food for the bees! Watching the transformation of our homestead over the past year really has been a treat. When we first installed the hugelkultur bed and started planting, we were mostly growing food for the kitchen and pantry and some bee forage. [...]