2017-04-18 22:48:20

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Two feet from the bed. Our first scorpion in Nicaragua. I remember thinking we didn't see any in Costa Rica this weekend. Did the big storm bring this in tonight? The drops sounded very large. Maybe it is the plagues? Huge ants, now scorpions. The storm also knocked out my external hard drive and a USB port on Jaimey's computer (earlier in the day when we were in the city). Where is the nearest Apple Store? Glad the computers weren't fried. The fluctuating electricity did it, even with a surge protector. #plagues #scorpion #arachnidsofinstagram #mercuryretrograde #expatlife #expatliving #nicaragua

2017-03-28 17:17:06

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Yay kefir water! Thank goodness for an easy start method that travels well. Haven't found kefir grains here yet. This product doesn't make them, so it's not sustainable. But good for some batches. Need me some grains though. #shoutout to @cultures4health #fermentedfoods #kefir #kefirwater #probiotics #livingfoods #expatlife #expatliving #slowlife #nicalife #nicaragua #permaculture #healthfood #wildfood

2017-03-23 14:46:44

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Weatherstripping isn't a thing in Nicaragua. We searched high and low at the ferretarias. Grateful our daughter brought enough for the doors when she visited. Tomorrow I will install the mega door sweeps she brought from @xcluder to keep out "rodents" (tarantulas). 🕸🕷🐍🐜🦎🦂🐀🐁 The roof seams were sealed today too. So the outside 🍃🍂🕸🕷 will stay outside now. Good because cricket season has begun. And these critters are super loud. 🐲