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Our commissioned hive supers from @izzabellabeez are a neighborhood favorite. The close proximity of the hives to the public made me want to make them well-received through fun, happy colors. It worked. Never a negative complaint. The only questions we get are, "When will the honey be available?" and "What can I plant for bees?". #beekeeping #beehive #bees #owls #tara #ommanipadmehumૐ #ommanipadmehum #permaculture #homestead #biodynamic #urbanbeekeeping #petaluma #art

In the News: Edible Ecosystem

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The food forest at our local Cavanagh community center is truly an edible ecosystem delight — a fantastic model. Just a few short years ago, the outdoor space surrounding the Cavanagh Center was lawn city. While Tiffany was on Petaluma City Council, she was a big advocate (and continues to be) for using public dollars and public [...]