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Love the bright pink pollen of my Rama Tulsi (holy basil) plants. Tulsi purifies the air and provides physical stamina and vitality to those use them as medicine. These are for a tincture I grow and process. The bees are loving it too. Got a close up of the very tiny purple flowers with pink pollen at the ends. #foodforest #permaculture #tulsi #ramatulsi #bees🐝 #bees #pollen #pink #lavenderflowers #pollenation #pollinators #tinctures 🐝❤️🌏

Try these bee-friendly natural dye plants

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Stack functions in your garden for beautiful, natural dye plants that provide food for the bees! Watching the transformation of our homestead over the past year really has been a treat. When we first installed the hugelkultur bed and started planting, we were mostly growing food for the kitchen and pantry and some bee forage. [...]